Malaysian Tofu Curry

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Perfectly spiced with a homemade mild curry powder, this Malaysian tofu coconut curry with crisp tofu is a quick, easy, and deliciously flavorful vegan comfort food meal made in one pan. Serve with rice.

You will love this Easy Malaysian-inspired Tofu and Veggie Curry. This quick vegan curry is a comforting southeast Asian curry that is also super easily adaptable to your own taste and the ingredients you have on hand.

Add any seasoning you like, veggies, or change up the protein. Many countries and regions in Southeast Asia have their own versions of curry.

Malaysian cuisine has been influenced by the cuisines of Indonesia, India, Thailand, and other countries making it especially flavorful. The curries, roti canai, rendang, Masi lemak(coconut rice), murtabak, Laksa soup! As always with Asian cooking, recipes vary a bit based on the family influence, the restaurants, and so on. So tweak this and make it truly yours.

To make this Soyfree, use chickpea tofu or seitan or a vegan chicken substitute. substitute  the soy sauce with coconut aminos.

To make it coconut free, use other thick non dairy milk or choice.

What makes this curry so special are the crispy tofu cubes. We season and fry the tofu before we add them to the curry. This gives them a wonderfully crisp outside.

menu you’ll love this Tofu coconut curry

it used just 1 pan
Use up all leftover veggies in the curry
it uses everyday ingredients
it is super quick and satisfying
It is nutfree and has gluten-free option
it also can be made without tofu

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