Shahi Tofu Kofta Casserole

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This Shahi Tofu Kofta curry is made in just 1 Casserole dish! The koftas are baked in the dish then sauce is baked along. Decadent and delicious. Juicy, flavorful tofu kofta in a creamy dairy-free tomato sauce. Gluten-free Soyfree Nutfree options included.

Shahi Tofu Kofta – that juicy tofu balls simmered in a rich and creamy, aromatic tomato cashew sauce! YUM! And all made in a casserole dish. No frying the Kofta needed and no multiple pans to make the sauce and the Kofta balls and all that,

There are several kinds of Kofta curries in Indian cuisine. Some use paneer cheese and potatoes like Malai kofta (here is the vegan version) some use shredded veggies like this Gobi Kofta, lauki(squash) kofta, and cabbage kofta from my first book. Others use lentils.

The shahi or royal koftas usually use paneer cheese and or mawa(milk solids). Shahi dishes are usually richer and more decadent versions. For a vegan shahi Kofta I am using tofu and some nut flour as substitutes for paneer and mawa. The spices and herbs and binding add more texture and flavor. These are soft cheesy kofta balls with a luxurious sauce. You can air fry them. They will likely fall apart on deep frying.

I add some vegan cheese for binding the mix together and for the more dairy cheese like flavor. Some aromatic spices and breadcrumbs seal the deal. To make the process simpler, I bake the whole dish as a casserole!

It’s so simple! I use a cookie scoop to portion out the kofta batter, bake them and also bake the aromatics for the sauce in the same casserole dish. Once the base of the casserole is baked, I add in the sauce ingredients, bake everything once again and you are done. Serve this decadent kofta curry with Naan or roti or rice.

why you will love this Kofta casserole

it is super delicious
it is high protein with all the tofu
it can be  made gluten-free and Nutfree
for Soyfree, use Kofta balls from my Malai Kofta that use chickpeas and potato
everything bakes in 1 Casserole!
Bake the Kofta, then bake the aromatics, then add sauce ingredients and bake everything together and done. Easy!

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