Vegan Kachori Pinwheels

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These savory vegan Kachori Pinwheels are the perfect bite-sized snack for your Indian party! Savory puff pastry filled with a boldly spiced lentil (moong dal) filling. Nutfree Soyfree recipe. Gluten-free option.

Everyone loves samosas – they are easily available and what’s not to love about a flaky crispy pastry filled with spiced potato goodness?! Kachori is another Indian street food classic that you might not be as familiar with. Just like a samosa, it is a deep-fried, crisp, and flaky round Indian pastry stuffed with delicious lentil filling. Fillings can vary from spiced lentils, spiced peas, potatoes, just spices, nuts spices and raisins etc.

Both samosas and kachoris have a similar pastry dough. The difference is more in the shape. While samosas look like a pyramid, kachoris look like flattened discs. Samosas are filled with spiced potatoes. Daal kachoris are filled with lentils cooked with almost an equal amount of spices.

Kachori used to be my favorite post school snack(occasional fried goodies), so I wanted to find a quick and easy option that has all the flavor of this delicious Indian street food!

Enter kachori pinwheels!. To make the process of preparing these vegan pinwheels at home easier we are resorting to using store-bought puff pastry. Make this delicious filling. Spread on rolled out puff pastry then slice and roll into pinwheels. You can also make them into small hand pastries with the filling if you don’t want pinwheels. Try these this festive Diwali season.

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