Vegan Tofu Parmesan Bake (Parmigiana)

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This Tofu Parmesan Bake layers pressed tofu with spinach, herbs, vegan cheese, and marinara sauce for the perfect comfort food Parmigiana dinner. Nutfree. Gluten-free option.

We’re in peak comfort food season. Now, comfort food is a little bit different for everyone and it depends on what cuisines you grew up eating. For many of us, comfort food definitely includes carbs – think Mac and Cheese . This recipe for vegan parmesan bake proves that we don’t have to carb load to get that comfy feeling!

For this tofu bake we layer tofu with herbed spinach cheese mix, marinara sauce and breadcrumbs. Because of the layering aspect we could call this a tofu lasagna but it does not contain any pasta. You could think of the tofu as a substitute for lasagna pasta though. The thicker tofu reminds me more of an eggplant parmigiana hence tofu Parmesan!

You can make this with homemade marinara sauce or with storebought marinara. To make marinara from scratch see my eggplant Parmesan recipe. 
You can also bake the tofu brushed in olive oil for 15 mins before using for a golden and firmer tofu.

This recipe came about when I was just looking at what we had in the fridge. It uses easy ingredients and is flexible. The flavors depend on a good marinara or pasta sauce and vegan cheese shreds. I usually use a mix of 2 vegan mozzarella brands. Some have better flavor and some have better texture and together they give a fabulous result.

why you’ll love this tofu parmigiana!

it takes just minutes to put together
it’s super delicious way to try tofu
It is nutfree. It can be made gluten-free by omitting the breadcrumb on top or using gf breadcrumbs
my very picky niece loved it!

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