Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Almond Flour Naan

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Try my easy recipe for Mushroom Stuffed Gluten-Free Naan made with Almond Flour for your next Indian Dinner! You can either stuff the vegan naan bread or mix the mushroom filling right into the batter! Gluten-free grain-free soyfree, No added yeast.

Naan is my love language! A fluffy delicious somewhat chewy bread/ flatbread that’s a great carrier of curries and side to soups and stews, flexible and versatile. I have so many recipes for naan on my blog already. These mushroom-stuffed naan flatbreads are the season’s favorite! I have regular naan, Glutenfree almond flour naan, Glutenfree chickpea flour naan, whole wheat naan!, potato cheese stuffed naan!

These mushroom spinach almond flour naans are the perfect accompaniment to curries and dals. If you want, you can put a Mediterranean spin on these and change up the flavor to Italian herbs instead of garam masala and they will be a delicious stuffed bread side to serve with all kinds of fall and winter soups or pasta!

You can make Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Naan in 2 ways:

Either spread the batter onto a non-stick skillet and then top it with the filling, then drizzle some more batter on top and you have a thick, stuffed naan with the filling in the middle. Or, mix the filling into the batter and spread that batter, and cook.

Both ways are delicious, it’s really up to personal preference.

serve the naan with these Indian curries:


Creamy Korma gf
Cauliflowr tikka masala 
Baked makhani tofu Curry gf
Baked Balti Veggies gf
Veggie curry casserole gf
Butter Tofu- GF
Tofu in Spinach Curry – Saag Tofu gf
Baked Madras curry Tofu gf


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