Chicken Mie Goreng Recipe – Noodles Tossed In Sriracha Sauce

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Chicken Mie Goreng Recipe, also known as Mie Goreng is a classic hawker food specialty which is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The dish is known to be derived from the Chinese chowmein and is believed to have been introduced by the Chinese immigrants in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

This dish has many variations and can also be made with the addition of seafood, chicken and pork. The most popular version that is available in Malaysia and Singapore is the Bakmie Goreng (Chicken Fried Noodles). You are free to use your choice vegetables to make it as nutritious and rich as possible.

Serve Chicken Mie Goreng Recipe along with Crispy Chiili Chicken for a weekend dinner. Also serve Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse to end the meal on a sweet note.

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