Rose Buns With Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

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Rose Bun or Rose shaped dinner rolls with mushroom stuffing, whichever you may say, but these are lovely looking rolls. Not only these are pretty in looks, but also delicious in taste. These are light and fluffy, soft and moist as well. These pretty rolls are guaranteed to be a big hit in party as well as loved by kids. The dough used is completely egg less. Also I have used the mushroom stuffing. Any other stuffing can be used depending upon choice. 

Apart from looking great, the taste of these rose buns with stuffed mushroom is outstanding. You can make these buns with any bread dough recipe, but I can assure that this is the much simpler version with no fail. So below is the details method of preparation of these soft rose buns with a delicious mushroom stuffing.

Serve Rose Buns With Stuffed Mushroom along with Masala Chai and Orange Lemon Tea Cake for your next tea party.

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