Chapor Ghonto Recipe – Bengali Mix Vegetable With Lentils Patties

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Chapor Ghonto, a vegetable mishmash gets an elevation by addition of lentil patties. Ghonto refers to any vegetable mish-mash. Why the name ‘chapor’? The lentil patties added in this dish are purposely irregular in shape and pressed with hand while shallow frying. 

These round shaped lentil patties are patted and pressed with fingers while making these so the name Chapor Ghonto. A wide variety of vegetables, like pumpkin, ridged gourd, eggplant, potato, pointed gourd, taro roots can be added in this dish or this can be made only using ridged gourd which is called as Jhinge Chapor. The lentil used in this dish is split yellow peas, Matar dal. To bring the signature taste of Bengali cuisine use mustard oil to cook the dish. Traditionally coconut is not added to it but as I prefer the taste and texture of grated coconut in this dish.

Serve Chapor Ghonto along with Steamed Rice and Dal Chenchki for weekday lunch or dinner. You can also serve Chaler Payesh after your meal as a dessert.

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