Togari Bele Tovve Recipe – Toor Dal Rasam

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Tovve is native to South India and it is called by different names according to the region and the people. While Tamilians call as Rasam, it is labelled as Tovve in Karnataka. Tovve is basically a mild lentil dish cooked with ghee in a tamarind based gravy without any exotic spices. It is also known as Kattu Saaru, where Kattu refers to dal in Kannada. Tovve is a versatile recipe and can be prepared with any kind of dals and vegetable. Togari Bele Tovve is prepared using red gram dal. This simple comforting dish doesn’t call for any spices, doesn’t involve any complex cooking techniques and moreover, they can be prepared within few minutes.

Serve this humble Togari Bele Tovve with hot steaming rice and Beetroot Thoran or with Spongy Idlis and Mysore Chutney to please your tummy as well as your taste buds.

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