Shimla Mirchi Panchamrut Recipe | Konkani Capsicum Cashew Peanut Sabzi

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Shimla Mirchi Panchamrut is a Konkani dish which is made from pan roasted capsicum, along with cashew nuts and steamed peanuts that is cooked along with freshly roasted and ground spices along with tamarind and jaggery. It has a spicy, sweet and nutty taste and flavour making it a refreshing dish.

Traditionally  ‘Panchamrut’ is the sweet and sour yogurt preparation, which is a combination of five ingredients, made during festivities to be offered to deities during puja. Hence the name ‘Panch-amrut’!

However the Capsicum panchamrut made in the Konkani Cuisine is a delicacy which you must try.

Serve the delicious Shimla Mirchi Panchamrut with Muga Ambat Recipe , hot rice and phulka for a wholesome meal

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