Vegan Matar Tofu

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This Vegan Matar Tofu is a plant-based spin on Matar Paneer. It uses crispy pan-fried or baked tofu instead of paneer cheese which is simmered in a flavorful Indian sauce! Serve with flatbread for the ultimate Indian comfort dinner. Soyfree substitute included

This quick vegan Tofu “paneer” and pea curry is my vegan version of paneer pea curry. Matar Paneer(curried pea paneer cheese)  used to be a popular weekend meal. It has its signature spices and flavors and can be made with thicker or thinner sauce.

The sauce is flavored with toasted cumin seeds, some fresh julienne ginger, dried fenugreek leaves and thickened a bit with besan or flour.

In the traditional version fresh or toasted cubes of paneer are added to the sauce. I use baked tofu instead of the paneer cheese. The tofu gets flavored with spices and nutritional yeast to add a cheesy flavor. and along with the peas, it makes for an amazing vegan matar tofu paneer.

The sauce is onion tomato based and usually doesn’t include a creamy component. You can add in some non dairy cream or coconut milk per preference.

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