Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe

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Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe is a delicious sprouts dish cooked in an aromatic chettinad masala.

The chettinad masala is freshly roasted and prepared and has a strong flavour of pepper in it, making it spicy. It is simple yet delicious dish to cook within no time. Sprouts are healthy to include in our diets as they are the high source of proteins.

They are either eaten raw in the form of salads or cooked into a curry, making it easy to digest. This Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe, is spicy, warm and makes for a excellent accompaniment for both steamed rice and roti’s.

Serve the Mixed Sprouts In Chettinad Masala Recipe along with Steamed Rice and Chow Chow Thoran for a delicious and comforting weeknight dinner.

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