Muga Ambat Recipe

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Indian cuisine is so diverse that every region has its own way of cooking and using ingredients and has its own specialty dish that is very popular among the locals. Curry is one of the quintessential dish of Indian cuisine and each and every region cooks it in such a diverse method, the result is amazing and unique. Indian curries especially the vegetarian curries uses spouts and grams a lot and in Karwar cuisine muga ambat seems to be loved by many. This sprouted moong (green gram) curry made with coconut-red chilli base is so unique in taste that you definitely have to give it a try if you love diverse curries! And since it’s made with no onion no garlic you can enjoy this curry during your fasting days.

Serve Muga Ambat along with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha and Bhindi Raita for a weekday lunch or dinner.

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