Sesame Crusted Tofu Bowls

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This Crispy Sesame crusted Tofu is Quick and super delicious! Tofu cubes are tossed in the peanut sauce then coated in sesame seeds and baked until crispy. Serve over greens dressed in peanut sauce, in a wrap or over noodles! Peanut-free  & soy-free version included.

I’ve developed a full-blown obsession with these sesame-coated tofu bowls!

I don’t know whether it’s the nutty, crunchy sesame-crusted baked tofu that does it for me or the totally addictive peanut sauce…it’s most likely the combination of both because I would not want to do without any of these additions.

I love that the sesame-crusted tofu is baked in the oven and turns out super crispy without having to add any flour or breadcrumbs the to coating.

Before coating the tofu in sesame, we toss the tofu cubes in some of our peanut sauce to allow the seeds to stick to them properly. This works way better than egg wash AND adds a bunch of flavor to our baked tofu.

These bowls are perfect for meal prep and the spicy peanut dressing keeps in the fridge for a whole week.

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