Homemade Butter Naan Recipe – Soft Yogurt Bread

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The Homemade Butter Naan recipe is simple to make in your own kitchen. Naan is an Indian bread which is on every restaurant menu. It is a rich Indian bread that goes well with most Indian gravies. Everyone loves the soft texture of a good Butter naan. It is a hit among everyone. 

This Naan recipe is simply fantastic and delicious and easy to make and absolutely has that melt in the mouth flavour and texture. The easiest way I found to make Naan is in the oven, as you can keep multiple breads at a time (if you have a large size oven).

If you like Naan’s do give this recipe a try, but just remember it’s all white flour and good for those once in a while cravings.

Serve Homemade Butter Naan recipe with Paneer Makhani or Smoked Dal Makhani Dhaba Style Recipe and Pickled Onions for a weekend lunch or dinner. 

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