Lauki Wadi Tarkari Recipe – Bengali Style Moong Dal Dumplings & Bottle Gourd Sabzi

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Lauki Wadi Tarkari Recipe is the Bengali Style Moong Dal Dumplings & Bottle Gourd Sabzi that is cooked as a side dish to pair with rice or Indian flat breads. I have used the homemade sun dried badi made with moong dal to prepare this sabzi, and then deep fried them before making the tarkari.

You can also stir fry the badi till they are cooked as well. We will also be cooking the badis along with the lauki pieces as well. Flavoured with panch phoran masala, this tarkari is a handy recipe when you have pre made badi’s at home. Once made and sun dried, the wadis will stay good for about 6 months when stored in an airtight container.

Serve Lauki Wadi Tarkari Recipe along with Pudina Lahsun Laccha Paratha and Mooli Raita Recipe for your everyday meals.

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