Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice Recipe-Elumichai Thenai

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Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice Recipe also known as Elumichai Sadam in Tamil is a healthy version of the rice dish that is made from thinai, also known as foxtail millets. The Lemon millet recipe is packed with flavors from lemon, green chillies and curry leaves. The millet adds to the nutrition and fiber to the diet and making it a perfect lunch box for kids.

Serve Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice Recipe along with Elai Vadam Recipe and tomato onion raita, or plain yogurt.

Did You Know: Foxtail millet (Thinai) is a millet that is high in carbohydrates, rich in fiber and minerals such as copper and iron. Millets release sugars slowly and thus have a low glycemic index making it a super food for diabetic.

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