Begun Bhaja Recipe (Bengali Style Spiced And Fried Aubergine Slices)

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Begun Bhaja is a traditional Bengali style dish of delicately spiced slices of aubergine that are then fried to a crisp and usually served with a simple, homely meal. It is crunchy and spicy, making it a delicious party appetizers or side-dish for your party menu as well. This is one of the easiest and delectable appetizers recipe, which requires no time and very little effort. In keeping with Bengali culinary tradition, the slices of aubergine are usually fried in mustard oil which gives it a pungent hit of flavour, but you can use refined oil if that is what you are used to. This Begun bhaja makes an awesome side dish with for lunch on lazy weekends or a dinner to end a busy day. 

Serve the Begun Bhaja along with Bengali Style Cholar Dal and Jeera Rice or with Bhog Khichuri for a comforting Bengali-styled meal.

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