Manipuri Style Tan Ngang Recipe – Refined Flour/Maida Indian Puri Recipe

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Manipuri Style Tan Ngang Recipe is a Manipuri style Bread which is fried and made with refined maida flour and curd. The ingredients are mixed together to a smooth dough and then fried like a puri.

Manipur is located near the eastern part India that shares the border with Burma. Manipur being one of the seven sister states, the cuisine hailing from Manipur is little different from the rest of north eastern areas. This puri is paired up with any kind of dry preparation as well as gravy dishes to be eaten along with.

Serve the Manipuri Style Tan Ngang Recipe – Refined Flour/Maida Indian Puri Recipe along with Manipuri Style Sana Thongpa or any other curries like Kala Desi Chana Recipe for Sunday breakfast.

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