Mushroom Patiala (Mushrooms in Spicy Yogurt Sauce)

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This Mushroom Patiala is a vegan spin on the Punbaji dish chicken patiala using mushrooms as a stand-in. The creamy slightly spicy yogurt sauce is simply to die for and this patiala tastes best served alongside a vegan omelet. Use vegan Chicken or soycurls for variation. Glutenfree Soyfree Indian Recipe

This Mushroom Patiala is a vegan version of restaurant-style chicken Patiala, a Punjabi dish with a rich and luscious creamy gravy that is seasoned with ginger, garlic and garam masala. Restaurants esp dhabas(highway street restaurants) serve patiala with a side of omelet. You can serve it with a vegan one or serve with Naan or rice.

I am using mushrooms instead of chicken for this vegan twist on a restaurant favorite. If you are not a super fan of mushrooms can also use some vegan chicken or seitan or soy curls.  Check out the recipe notes on how to use them.

As with all my Indian recipes, I try to simplify the process and spices as much as possible without losing its expected/traditional flavor profile. There are lots of flavor components. This dish will taste fantastic even if you are missing a spice or 2! Try this patiala instead of the usual butter chickin/tofu and tikka masala. 

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