Andhra Style Chepa Vepudu Recipe – Andhra Fish Fry Recipe

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Andhra Style Chepa Vepudu Recipe (Andhra Fish Fry Recipe) is a must try recipe. Andhra cuisine is known for its spicy and strong Indian flavors in most of their dish. Seafood being consumed in most of the coastal parts of Andhra they have a wide range of Seafood dishes which has a good amount of spice and flavor.

In this recipe, we have used basa fish to make a stir fry with a homemade ground masala. The masala is known as the Karam Vepudu which is a basic stir fry masala which is used with most of the dry vegetables. 

Serve the Andhra Style Chepa Vepudu Recipe, along with Steamed Rice and Palak Pappu (Spinach Dal) for an everyday meal with your family.

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