Savory Veggie Baked Oats Vegan

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Veggie- and flavor-packed, savory baked oats are a perfect, healthy, make-ahead breakfast! The whole dish comes together in one pan and one bake.

Most everyone in my family prefers savory breakfast and snacks. I make my baked savory oats more than sweet versions. This is another delicious savory option for you which uses just 1 pan and makes a great snack for breakfast.

This is a super quick savory baked oatmeal casserole, just like my other baked oatmeal recipes; I use similar ingredients like oats and non-dairy milk. Then I add lots of vegetables and some spices.

The result is a moist oat bar that is filled with veggies. Think of ban oat “fritter,” but baked instead of fried, and in a bar form. You can also waffle the mix. Add a bit more flour and make waffles!


Why You’ll Love Savory Baked Oats

Hearty and healthy. Full of veggies!

Soyfree. Nutfree Gluten-free option

One-pan breakfast

Super flavorful and delicious

Savory and versatile. Use flavors of choice

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