Spiced Onion Pulao Recipe – Pyaz Pulao Recipe

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Spiced Onion Pulao Recipe is a super simple flavoured rice recipe that is roasted and then pressure cooked with some whole spices. 

The rice is first washed, pat dried and dry roasted. Dry roasting the rice, enhances the flavour of the pulao and helps the rice grains stand out well separately after it is cooked. 

Flavoured with ginger-garlic and onions, and aromatics like bay leaf, cloves and cinnamon, this pulao recipes needs no accompaniments and tastes great by itself too. 

Serve Spiced Onion Pulao Recipe along with Smoked Dhaba Dal Recipe or Bhune Pyaz Ka Gosht RecipeOnion Raita Recipe and finish the meal with a dessert of Oats Apple Phirni Recipe

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