One-Pot Birria Ramen

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Birria ramen is a scrumptious fusion recipe with Mexican inspired birria broth with tex-mex spices. I add some udon or ramen noodles to the mix along with crisped tofu This is a one-pot recipe that is ready in 30 minutes.


If you thought we were done with fusion ramens, here’s another fab 1 Pot noodles for you! This Birria ramen has a flavorful Birria broth in which we cook the noodles. For the veggies in this birria ramen, I use bell pepper, onion, and tofu with some chili powder and other spices.

The tofu is crisped up with Tex-Mex spices and cooked just before making the ramen in the same pan to save you a dish.

This easy vegan ramen is so addictive! The broth is full of flavor with chipotle pepper, herbs and a hint of zesty sweetness from orange juice. It’s an offbeat ramen recipe that you’ll turn to again and again!

Why You’ll Love Birria Ramen

one pot, 30-minute meal

delicious broth packed with birria flavors

tender noodles, veggies, and tofu

Nutfree recipe. easily made Gluten-free, soy-free

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