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Edible Terrarium ~ Adult Dirt Cups

Who didn’t love a dirt cup when we were kids? Now we can love them even more with the Adult Dirt Cups Edible Terrarium! Thanks to Must Love Herbs on Instagram for the inspiration for this adorable

The Ultimate Vegan Brooklyn Blackout Cake

The Ultimate Vegan Brooklyn Blackout Cake has just arrived. Chocolate Cake. Chocolate Custard. Chocolate Buttercream. Covered in moist cake crumbs. Covered with a thin veil of chocolate buttercream

Wacky Banana Cake Recipe

 We all love an easy recipe that tastes like you have been working in the kitchen for days! These wacky cake recipes are one bowl mixes with no mixers required No eggs or  dairy and no weird

Vegan Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are probably the easiest of all the cookies to make Minimal ingredients that all get mixed up by hand! A really fast bake time and you are eating vegan coconut macaroons in less than

Lemon Coconut Cake

I am not sure which part of this Lemon Coconut Cake I love the most! Ultra moist and fluffy coconut cake layers, the lemon custard and coconut buttercream! Or the cutest little lemon stuffed coconut

Classic Coconut Layer Cake

I’m not gonna lie, before I decided to make this coconut cake recipe I said to myself: “Who in the world likes to eat Coconut Cake?” It’s terribly sweet and even I am not sure I want all that dang

Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch Cones

Spring is on the way and so are all the creative recipes ideas! Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch Cones are the cutest and tastiest handheld treats this season! Vegan Sugar Cones stuffed with strawberry

Boston Mousse Cake

When you can’t decide between a Boston Cream Pie or the Chocolate Mousse Cake, you make both! Boston Mousse Cake will become your new go to recipe for every occasion! Layers of vanilla cake and

Funny Bone Cupcakes

I’m kinda obsessed with recreating childhood favorites And topping the list for me was definitely the Funny Bone! Funny Bone Cupcakes are even better than the original snack cake With my best vegan